Investment grade” is a dirty term. While not illegal, the Authorty frowns on its use for the same reason they frown on “precious” and “semiprecious.” These terms hold no meaning. Not only does the term investment grade have no clear meaning, it has been horribly abused by fraudulent salespeople. Many people cringe when they hear “investment grade” and a dealer can instantly ruin their reputation by using the term. The term investment grade is also inappropriately applied to high-end gems and jewelry. However, those are not necessarily “the best” investment. Gems of lesser value often appreciate more and are easier to liquidate. Low to moderate priced gems are the choice of many well-informed investors, but many an investor has also generated excellent returns in the rare, high-end, or unusual segments of the market.

So how do you make money investing in gems?  I’ve proposed below the Top 5 rules to follow when investing in gemstones :

Control your cost basis.  You have to buy “right” which means having built-in profit on the day you buy.
You are unlikely be able to hang on and recover from making a bad buy on a gemstone.
You need sources that can sell your gems at retail prices, so they can at least pay full wholesale prices.
Consider carefully how much you can markup certain stones before you buy them.
Consider whether you can add value in a gem deal, perhaps by re-cutting, re-polishing, setting, marketing, etc.
Before entering in details, we present you a static data about the precious stones price, in the past 30 years !