The Taranis .Capital diamonds  are a real product, completely at your fingertips. Our diamonds are able to give concreteness and tangibility, to their high market value (which is increasingly difficult for other types of investment).

Diamonds are offered with:

Precise and detailed Gemmological Certificates . These are realized by the largest internationally recognized gemmological institutes, to ensure universal standardization, scientifically certifying the characteristics.

The most authoritative gemmological institutes are surely:

IGI (Italian Gemological Institute)

HRD (High Council for Diamonds)

GIA (Americana)

AGS (Americana)

Unique blisters that protect them from the outside environment. Blisters are usually issued by the same certification body, so they can not be counterfeit. Taranis .Capital  from October 2017, having expanded its staff with its certified IGI experts, has the honor to offer Blister for its release .

Laser engraving on the crown (at choise). This tattoo has the certificate number and allows the diamond to be uniquely associated with its certificate.
Taranis .Capital however, also offers Diamonds Puri, with its own brand. This choice is due to the fact that the affixing of the laser signature to the material puritans could be seen as a “stain” of the stone, and therefore causes a massive decrease of the same value.

– Quarterly quotation , by “Il Sole 24 Ore” and available on our site. Taranis .Capital  also offers globally recognized “Rapaport” quotes.

– A “All-Risk” policy that attests to the characteristics and value of the stones and covers without risk theft and robbery if stored in a safe or home safe (this guarantee is to be added at the cost of the chosen stone).

Ethical principles achieved in accordance with the 4 UN resolutions , no. 1173-1176-1306 and 1343. These acts attest to their lawful origin, in particular for African diamonds, which, inter alia, must not be involved in war events, terrorism and child exploitation, as well as responding to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which guarantees traceability.