Our VISION is to become a global player in the E-Commerce sector by investing in Direct Selling. By leveraging this position, we would like to have a profound and professional influence on marketing and gemstones communities.

Our MISSION is to contribute to the thinking of the global community, with our daily work. Let’s do this by helping individuals achieve their goals, lead better lives, by combining work opportunities with sustainable and innovative products.


Our VALUES are represented by the STES acronym :

SERVICE : Each of our business activities, every day, is dedicated to the service of others.

TEAM WORK : We work together as one team, to achieve the common goal of increasing our incomes for each of us. We are many, and very different from each other, but we work together as if we were ONE.

ETHICS : We inspire values ​​of integrity for our lives and our work, treating everyone with total honesty and fraternal respect.

FOLLOW THE RULES : Whether we are in work or volunteering, we strive to achieve the highest achievement for all our members – our company, our consultants, customers, shareholders, employees, the entire community.

This is the commitment of  Taranis .Capital  for you.




Our corporate social responsibility program is well summed up in our value, “We do the right thing, honestly and ethically.” This principle embraces and encapsulates both our business, commitment to our community, and the way we work with our partners. We support:


The rules of the corporate governance of  Taranis .Capital  help us to comply with or exceed the legal and regulatory requirements.

The members of the Board, including our managing director Alessandro Civati, work within common systems and controls to manage governance and internal controls.

Our goal is to be aware of current and future risks – including social, environmental and ethical issues – as well as to reduce the impact of events or trends that could undermine the reputation of Taranis .Capital .

Our Code of Ethics is the guide for all the actions of the members of Taranis .Capital .


We support the highest ethical standards in the functioning of our society. We do the right thing, honest and ethical, always taking the highway. We are committed to the consistent application of compliance standards, and we are committed to providing the same conditions for all our independent representatives. Those who do not comply with these rules are officially called, suspended, or dismissed. Taranis .Capital  offers annual ethical training to all its partners.


We support the Italian Code Foundation, providing funding that supports nutrition plans for charitable organizations for the care of children at risk, and we also support the development of good culture for all people.


We believe in a holistic approach to health, and that this involves not only physical activity, nutrition, and mental state. A person’s life, his working environment, social relationships, mental state, the way they are seen, all affect an individual’s health. Taranis .Capital  believes that it is not enough to heal and eat healthy, but we must study and work on all aspects of our lives, to feel satisfied and healthy.

Everyone is different, and what works for a person may not work for everyone. Taranis .Capital suggest to everyone, to find what works for you, and keep it tight.