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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Taranis .Capital?

Taranis .Capital is a company specializing in the selection and sale of precious and semi-precious stones. Over the years, we also specialize in the purchase of old coins, which we play in limited editions, for all enthusiastic collectors who, by nationality or excessive costs, can not buy an original specimen.

What are Taranis .Capital values?

SERVICE: Each of our business activities, every day, is dedicated to the service of others.

ETHICS: We inspire values ​​of integrity for our lives and our work, treating everyone with total honesty and fraternal respect.

FOLLOW THE RULES: Whether in work or volunteering, we strive to achieve the highest achievements for all our members – the Company, our Independent Consultants, Customers, Shareholders, Employees, and the whole community.

QUALITY: We handle ISO9000 standards, with accurate selection, verification and production controls of all our items.

How do I buy from Taranis .Capital?

Civati Jewels has decided to entrust the sale of its gems to the “Taranis .Capital” web portal, specializing in online sales and strategic marketing. However, if you feel more confident, and you want to personally “blister” your precious stone, you can reach us at our headquarters in Valenza, Italy.

Can I Order a Specific Precious Stone?

Yes of course. Our technical office will always be available to work to meet your needs. If we do not have a job at home, what you are looking for, you can subscribe to a specific assignment for a “tailor made” purchase. Usually within 36/72 hours we can supply almost every type of item on the market today.

Can I customize the Blister I order ?

Yes of course, it is possible to customize the blister label with a message and in the overall layout at no extra cost. We ask you to contact us before order to define the graphic aspects. By April 2018, an automated service will be implemented for that service.

Is Taranis .Capital an investment operator?

Taranis .Capital is not a financial intermediary. Taranis .Capital offers its customers the opportunity to purchase products that, with variable percentages, actually increase their value over time steadily. Buying a Precious, Semi-Precious Stone, a Silver or Gold Coin has always been a way of saving and securing value for the future from antiquity.

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