Taranis .Capital  is a trademark of Viking Europe Sagl , a Swiss company under the Civati ​​Gioielli Group since 2010, in the production of precious items and high quality jewelery. Our goal is to promote the knowledge of the noble arts and to allow anyone to touch with hands, unique and exceptional objects such as precious stones and precious stones.

Our headquarter is in Lugano, Switzerland, where we respect our quality, ethical, future-oriented and personal growth, prepare our Blister and all our products. We also provide our customers, a technical workshop and our specialized staff for special needs or specific gemmological tests.

Taranis .Capital also identifies with “Professionalism”. Each of our products is cured, tested and certified by industry professionals with at least 20 years of gemology experience, accredited IGI; from architects who care about design and details of our products; and historians and antiques (Italian, Swiss, French and English) who assist us in the selection of products that we love and passionate to our customers.

We firmly believe that to offer a unique product, we should concentrate on it at 100%. That’s why  Taranis .Capital   uses 100% of its energy, in selecting the best stones, so that everyone who wants, owns and touches a unique part of our world. Taranis .Capital   also allows you to differentiate yourself, thanks to the wide range of its products, allowing you to create gorgeous and unique gifts for loved ones, friends, relatives, children or just acquaintances.

Possessing a Precious Stone, a gem, a gold nugget or a collection object, does not enrich you in monetary terms, but also in person, with a unique energy that comes directly from the ground.



Taranis .Capital  is not a financial intermediary, it is a professional operator working in metals and precious stones.

Taranis .Capital  offers its customers the opportunity to purchase products that, with variable percentages, actually increase their value over time steadily, and which can be literally taken by hand from each of our customers.

Buying a Precious, Semi Precious Stone, a Silver or Gold Coin has always been a way of saving and securing value for the future, and with Taranis .Capital , concreteness is always there.

“To be successful in success, to succeed, is our way of working.”

We maintain that altruism is an important element for business management. Our founders wanted to emphasize this important value both between our employees and our partners. We believe that helping others with humility is the true characteristic of a leader.

In Taranis .Capital , we recognize that people are our greatest asset, in addition to our greatest energy, which nourishes us all in order to achieve financial independence.

In Taranis .Capital  we want to give our Partners and Customers the tools and training they need, both to enhance our understanding of our products and to develop our business model, working on personal growth.

In Taranis .Capital  we celebrate ethics and cultural diversity. Our executives and our partners come from different countries and our customers reside both today and in Europe and in Africa. We attended the last international event of Expo 2015, at the UN Pavilion, for all 6 months of the event! We are currently supporting humanitarian activities in Senegal, and food support in Italy.



We aim at:

Play a positive role in the countries where we operate;
Ensure economic independence for our Partners;
Offer a rewarding workplace for our members;
Put our customers first;
Support local communities.
and our Strategy is:

Use the benefits of technology to increase our potential;
Get closer to us more and more to our customers;
Create a great working environment;
Give something in return for the community.